Let Food be your Medicine!

Getting healthy is NOT about dieting. It's about adopting a healthy way of eating and living that will make you feel and look great! Many times the simplest changes yield the greatest results.

Whatever your health or medical concerns, my job is to help you find the foods and lifestyle choices that work best for you and to uncover why you may be having certain symptoms and health issues. I am passionate about helping you reach your healthy living goals by using a holistic approach that focuses on you as an individual.

I want to educate and inspire you to eat the right foods for good health, and I will support you in making changes that are realistic and beneficial, but always at your own pace. 

Sessions can be held at my home office, your home, your office, a local coffee shop, or via online video chat, email, or by phone.

I am located in North Everett, WA and can be reached at brennapepperrd@gmail.com to schedule an appointment.